Welsh Farm Incomes and Agricultural Wages

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The Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales was established following the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board for England and Wales in 2013.The panel has a remit to:

  • Draft agricultural wages orders to stipulate fair minimum rates of pay and allowances for agricultural workers, consult on such orders, and submit them in draft for the approval of the Welsh Ministers
  • Promote careers in agriculture
  • Provide advice to Ministers as required

The panel consists of members representing employers and employees, and three independent members appointed by Welsh Ministers. The panel currently consists of 7 members:

  • An independent chair – Dr Lionel Walford
  • 2 independent members- Peter Rees / Steve Hughson
  • 2 from Unite – Ivan Monkton / Paddy McNaught
  • 1 from NFU Cymru- Will Prichard
  • 1 from Farmers Union of Wales – Darren Williams

The most recent Agricultural Wages Order detailing minimum wages rates from 1st April 2019 is available here.

What are the agricultural wage minimum rates for 2019?

The new rates of pay for Agricultural Workers are set out in the member's briefing. The rates reflect the rises of the National Minimum/ Living Wage rates and the advice and recommendations of the Agricultural Advisory Panel. From 1st April 2019 workers must be paid at least these minimum amounts. The amounts apply until they are changed by a new law. No change is proposed to the overtime rate, so the overtime rate remains at 1.5 times these hourly rates. For clarity and reference the minimum rates for 2018 are also shown.

Read NFU Cymru and FUW's Welsh farming incomes and agricultural wages submission.

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