About Us

NFU Cymru is the leading agricultural organisation that represents and champions farmers and growers in Wales.

We promote and protect the interests of our members by working with and influencing government, the supply chain and consumers in order to secure a stable and sustainable future for Welsh agriculture and to get the best possible deal for our members.

The heart of Welsh farming

We are the heart of Welsh farming and our aim is to protect your interests and put in place the conditions that enable productive, profitable and progressive farming businesses to thrive and grow.

We have a committed and professional team of expert staff based in every Welsh county as well as our head office on the Royal Welsh Showground in Llanelwedd. In addition we have offices in Westminster and Brussels which means we have our people at the heart of the political systems that influence our industry.

Our strength is in our members

Our strength is in our numbers. With many thousands of members, we are heard when it counts –whether it be locally, nationally or internationally. Every single member matters and makes NFU Cymru stronger. A stronger NFU Cymru can be more influential, achieve more and give us a more powerful and unified lobbying voice. NFU Cymru has a proven track record in being successful representatives for agriculture and you can rest assured that NFU Cymru will continue to be champions of Welsh agriculture with the same conviction and passion we have shown during the last century.

Our vision

NFU Cymru's vision is for a productive, profitable and progressive farming sector producing world renowned climate friendly food in an environment and landscape that provides habitats for our nature to thrive. Welsh food and farming delivering economic, environmental, cultural and social benefits for all the people of Wales whilst meeting our ambition for net zero agriculture by 2040.

We're here for you

Whether you’re a livestock farmer, grower or have a mixed holding, we’re here for you. Support your industry, protect your future. Join NFU Cymru today.

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