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Many NFU members are already taking positive steps to help the agriculture sector achieve net zero by 2040.

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More than 250 farmers have pledged so far, letting us know the actions they are taking across our three net zero pillars. So whether you are currently taking action for net zero or have plans to do so in the next 12 months, let us know.

Read the prize draw terms and conditions here.

Visit our pledge map to be in with a chance to win your own solar light.

Film a quick video or take a picture of what you are doing and share on your social media with #Pledge2040.

The more members who come together to make a pledge for net zero, the bigger the change we can make together. Each and every action counts.

Not sure where to start with net zero? Check out our new net zero resource page for some guidance.

May's winners

  • East Anglia - Mr E Phillips 
  • East Midlands - MR D Bellamy 
  • North East - Mr D Brotherton 
  • North West - Mr C Molyneux
  • South East - Mr I Bowman 
  • South West -  Mr Alvis 
  • Wales - Mr PFJ Lewis
  • West Midlands - Mr M Evans

Read what our winners had to say

With the total number of pledges reaching over 300 in June, the NFU net zero team contacted winning members from May's draw to learn more about their net zero pledges and ambitions and how they are looking to implement them on farm.

Mike Evans, West Midlands

Shropshire-based farmer Mike Evans pledged for net zero following the implementation of solar panels on his farm. Establishing 49kw worth on buildings and a 5mw installation in a 25-acre field. 

He said: The field solar panels fit in well with the rest of the farm business. We cut and bale the grass in the spring and allow the sheep to graze it for the rest of the year. The panels provide additional income for the farm, while still allowing it to be used as a functional grass field. The panels even act as shelter for the sheep when the weather turns - it has benefits from all angles. 

If you would like advice on solar installation or other renewables for you farm, read how NFU Energy can help with your net zero ambitions. #Pledge2040

Mr C Molyneux, North West

Chris Molyneux began his net zero journey as a personal interest and because it made business sense. He has actively undertaken changes to improve soil health and reduce artificial nitrogen application. He believes that for the industry, pledging for net zero is the right thing to do as it brings together the opportunity to improve business sustainability through environmental, social and financial improvements. 

He said: At a time where we are beginning to compete within a global market, it's vital to take steps to improve all these aspects and to share with the public what we are doing as farmers to help the environment. 

Mr I Bowman, South East

Ian Bowman, Kent-based organic dairy farmer, pledged for net zero as he understands the value and importance of managing soil health.
He said: I am looking to work more with my contract buyer Arla to see how we can keep improving the carbon footprint of the business. 

If you are thinking about improving soil health to benefit your farms carbon footprint take a look at NFU Partner website Tried and Tested for advice and guidance.  

Mr Lewis, Wales

Mr Lewis, a Pembrokeshire-based Dairy farmer began his net zero journey in an effort to improve the business’ sustainability. Through the implementation of solar panels and a new system that cools the milk from the dairy to 4.5ºC before reaching the bulk tank, he has reduced his electricity requirements. 
He said: I think it’s important to be able to see and quantify the value of the work being done on farm. Since we put in the chilling unit, we have seen the reduction in electricity use and it’s even better that the electricity powering it is coming from the solar panels. While it is a significant investment we are hoping to see it paying back into the business over time. 

If you are thinking about changing electricity supplier or looking simply to review your electricity usage on farm NFU Energy can provide advice and guidance

Mr D Brotherton, North East  

Yorkshire-based beef and sheep farmer David Brotherton pledged for net zero due to his ambition to improve the farm's sustainability and environmental credentials. He has installed solar panels on farm buildings and is considering marginal ground that could be used for tree planting.
He said: I’m planning to use a carbon calculator to see where we could improve to start with, but I’m unsure how we can make the changes without the correct support for the future. 

If you want to see where your farm could make practical changes to help reach net zero, read what NFU staff thought about some of the carbon calculators available.

Mr and Mrs Bellamy, East Midlands

East Midlands-based beef and sheep farmers Mr and Mrs Bellamy most recently have worked with their fuel supplier to switch to a fuel with carbon-offsetting arrangements. They have also taken steps to improve the overall carbon sequestering ability and biodiversity of their farm by planting trees and hedges. 
They said: We want to leave the farm in better health for the next generation than when we took it on. By taking actions to reach net zero we feel that we are doing just that.

The NFU is committed to helping its members implement their net zero ambitions and assist and inform government policy development to ensure farmers are being supported. Read how members have been involved in the England wide ELMs net zero test and trial

Alvis Brothers, South West

The Alvis Brothers of Lye Cross farm, award-winning cheese makers, have net zero in mind on their family farm. Peter Alvis manages the cheese making operation and introduced a heat-recovery system and a £1.5 million whey-processing unit into the cheese-making process. The latest addition has been a full set of solar panels as part of the packing facility.

Edward Phillips, East Anglia

Edward Phillips of Luton Hoo Estate has implemented conservation farming, which incorporates a long-term holistic approach. It uses conservation principals in the crop production to improve return while enhancing and safeguarding the environment for the future. Practising an environmental management programme, including fallow land and focussing on local species the farm. Crop establishment is completed by non-inversion tillage, improving soil structure and reducing the number of weeds. This has lead to a reduction in chemical and fertiliser applications. 

The prize

You could win an SM 100 solar light from Solar Aid. Perfect as a handheld torch, a freestanding light or you can attach a strap (not included) and wear it as a head torch. Prizes are kindly donated by NFU Energy. Every light purchased helps to get another solar light to rural Africa, getting safe, clean light to families currently living without electricity.


SolarAid is a UK charity whose work has been recognised as impacting on 12 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They believe that universal access to renewable energy is the best way to alleviate poverty and end darkness and the best way to ensure this is by building local, sustainable businesses. Their Social Enterprise SunnyMoney is one of the main sellers of solar lights in Africa. SunnyMoney agents travel to remote rural communities to make clean light available where there were previously only unhealthy and expensive alternatives, like kerosene lamps and candles. They help instil trust and create demand in a new and unfamiliar technology – which helps build the foundations for a sustainable solar market and a lasting energy legacy.

One solar light:

  • Averts 1.1 tonnes of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Saves families £159 who will no longer has to spend money on dangerous candles or toxic kerosene.
  • Allows 1,006 hours of extra study time for a child, who will study by safe light after the sun has set.

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