A closer look at British livestock, dairy and poultry farming

01 Medi 2023

Our ‘A closer look at…’ series is an online tool that helps members and NFU staff explain the important role British farming has in improving our environment and animal welfare.

The three digital spaces focus on livestock, dairy and poultry and will be updated in line with fresh information as soon as it becomes available.

The series examines some of the more misunderstood subject areas of welfare and environmental impact and acts as a tool to positively promote livestock sectors to interested parties, such as MPs or supply chain contacts.

Setting the record straight

Many elements of agriculture can sometimes be misunderstood by those in industry, government and the general public. These editions aim to set the record straight on some of the misconceptions around environmental impact, nutritional benefit, and the overall wellbeing of our animals.

With questions constantly being raised surrounding British livestock, dairy and poultry production, it is crucial that our members are equipped with facts and evidence to engage the public in honest, realistic and scientifically evidenced accounts of British agriculture.

Clear messaging

A closer look at livestock and A closer look at dairy tackle the science around emissions, while the A closer look at poultry explain egg labelling and look at the different types of egg production systems.

They all look at the health benefits of having eggs, meat and dairy as part of a healthy diet.

This works comes on the back of our Rethinking Ruminants Member Toolkit, which was requested by members as a way of clarifying the industry to members of the public. Its deep dive into the facts and evidence around eating meat and looking at the claims and misconceptions that are prevalent is a popular member-resource.

Explore our ‘A closer look at...’ series

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