Coronavirus: Download the essential journey certificate

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In light of First Minister Mark Drakeford's announcement today that there will be a Wales-wide lockdown from 6pm on Friday 23rd October until Monday 9th November, NFU Cymru members can download an essential journeys certificate. 

Our sector wants to make its contribution to control the spread of the outbreak and protect lives. But we must also continue to produce food, which is recognised by the government as a critical work.

In order to allow this vital work to continue, and to help members if stopped by the police when carrying out this work, the NFU has produced an essential journey certificate for members and their employees to carry with them when travelling to/from work or between different sites.

This can be downloaded and used in order to show relevant authorities, if asked, what their role is in producing food in line with government requirements and adhering to public health guidance.  

We would also suggest that an employer provides their employees with their own letter on their company letter head with the employers name and contact details on.  

Please note that at this point, workers can travel to or from work if their work cannot be carried out from home and that there is currently no specific requirement or criteria on documentary evidence. This may however help deal with any issues on the ground and we are looking to support our members in any way that we can.

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