Working at height: What you need to consider

22 December 2023

Man working at height on a ladder

Image captured by Ruth Rees Photography

The Wales Farm Safety Partnership are using this quarter to highlight the risks associated with working from height. Use the information below to make sure you remain safe.

Key messages:

  • All those working at heights must be trained and competent
  • If you are not trained or don’t know what equipment to use then you should engage a specialist roofing contractor
  • Try to avoid or minimise the time spent working at heights whenever possible – even short duration work needs the right planning and access equipment such as mobile elevating work platforms, scaffolds and fall prevention devices
  • Reduce the risk of falls from large machinery such as combines by always using the access ladders, steps and/or standing platforms provided by the manufacturer.

Farming Connect mentors

Farming Connect have 7 approved Mentors who provide up to 15 hours of fully-funded confidential on-farm guidance.

Cheryl Davies
Llyr Jones
Brian Rees
Chris Hughes
Glyn Davies 
Gethin Jones
Rachel Hughes

Available training courses

Eligible farmers registered with Farming Connect can apply for a wide range of training courses on many different aspects of farm safety during the next skills application window.

All funded by up to 80%, they include working at heights; first aid at work; telescopic lift trucks; tractor and ATV driving; etc.

You can also undertake a fully funded e-learning module on farm Health & Safety, which is a requirement if you want to apply for any Farming Connect machinery handling courses.

Other useful links include:


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Phone hacks that could save your life

You probably don’t go too far these days without your mobile phone to hand, but have you set up some simple features that could help save your life in an emergency?

Watch this hard-hitting video by the Wales Farm Safety Partnership

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