How to stay safe while working with machinery

02 April 2024

Man in tractor with back window open

The Wales Farm Safety Partnership, of which NFU Cymru are a member, are using this quarter to highlight the risks associated with working with machinery. Use the information below to make sure you remain safe.

Moving vehicles

  • Ensure your vehicle is well maintained, especially brakes on trailers. Check tyre pressures routinely and regularly
  • Keep people and moving vehicles well apart
  • Never carry passengers
  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • All drivers must be trained and competent
  • Keep all mirrors and cab windows clean
  • Ensure mirrors are correctly fitted, properly adjusted and always repaired promptly if damaged
  • Ensure all loads are stable and secure
  • Always check for people on the ground when driving – many vehicles, such as telescopic handlers have blind-spots
  • Always follow Safe Stop.

Do not...

  • Move off in any direction until you’ve checked all the above
  • Forget to check regularly that the vehicle is in good and safe working order

More information from the HSE

Overturned vehicles

ATV’s and tractors present significant risks

  • All drivers must be trained and competent
  • Never carry passengers
  • With sit-a-side ATV and other vehicles, always wear a seatbelt, if the vehicle provides one
  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) drivers must wear a suitable and approved ATV helmet
  • Always maintain vehicles, trailers and any trailed implements or attachments in good order – routinely and regularly check tyre pressure, brakes and throttle
  • Always secure any loads and make sure they are evenly balanced
  • Always follow Safe Stop

Do not...

  • Drive or operate an ATV unless you are fully trained and competent
  • Take risks on uneven or sloping ground which can lead to overturning

More information from the HSE



  • All drivers/operators must be trained and competent
  • Only operate controls from the safe driving or operating position and make sure all drivers/operators know how to use them correctly
  • Always ensure the vehicle or machine is in *Safe Stop mode before undertaking any maintenance tasks or checks, either in the field or the workshop
  • Check all necessary guards are in position and in good order. Make sure you know what guards should be there and check they are securely in-position and in safe working order
  • Regularly inspect all vehicles/machines to ensure they are properly maintained
  • Always follow Safe Stop

Do not...

  • Operate powered equipment unless the Power Take-Off (PTO) drive shaft is fully protected by properly designed guards which are secured by chain to prevent the guard rotating
  • Operate a machine if you are not trained and competent to use it

More information from the HSE

Available training courses

Eligible farmers registered with Farming Connect can apply for a wide range of training courses on many different aspects of farm safety during the next skills application window.

All funded by up to 80%, they include working at heights; first aid at work; telescopic lift trucks; tractor and ATV driving; etc.

You can also undertake a fully funded e-learning module on farm Health & Safety, which is a requirement if you want to apply for any Farming Connect machinery handling courses.

Farming Connect mentors

Farming Connect have 5 approved Mentors who provide up to 15 hours of fully-funded confidential on-farm guidance.

Brian Rees
Glyn Davies 
Rachel Hughes
Cheryl  Lloyd
Tom O'Kane

What is Safe Stop: handbrake on, controls in neutral, engine off, and keys out

Members: Get a discount on an online training course

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