Egg producer challenges: Victoria Shervington-Jones

Owner of Country Fresh Eggs, Victoria Shervington-Jones is facing challenges and threats to her business that are out of her control. 

I believe we're seeing egg shortages at the moment because farmers have lost confidence in the industry.

Input costs

The costs of so many of our inputs – particularly feed, fuel and fertiliser – have rocketed.

It means a lot of poultry farmers simply can’t afford to produce eggs at the moment and that’s a terrible situation to be in.

Our feed costs have risen 43% in the last 12 months and our energy costs have increased substantially as well.

“To put it simply, at the moment the strains on our business mean we’re not able to produce enough eggs to meet the demand from our customers"

Owner of Country Fresh Eggs Victoria Shervington-Jones

There’s also the diesel we use for our delivery vans, which has risen a lot over the last year too, along with the price of the packaging. Everything has gone up.

To put it simply, at the moment the strains on our business mean we’re not able to produce enough eggs to meet the demand from our customers.

I've got 40,000 birds of my own and a 32,000-bird shed on contract, but that shed is currently in turnaround so we’ve got a shortfall of eggs.

Normally I would buy eggs in off the wholesale market, which I haven't been able to do this year because there’s a national shortage.

Our customers

The majority of our customers have been very understanding but you do worry over the longer term, because once customers leave it’s very difficult to get them back.

I really want consumers to know that we’re doing everything we possibly can to produce this great product in very challenging circumstances – please stick with us, we need your support more than ever.

The future

Thinking about what is going to happen if this situation continues absolutely petrifies me.

Some of these farms and businesses aren’t going to survive if this continues. I employ 16 staff across the chicken sheds, offices and deliveries and having to ensure they are paid over the last few months when income has dropped has also put significant pressure on our finances.


British food under threat

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