British Wool hosts NFU Cymru visit

Pictured are Dafydd Jarrett NFU Cymru, Huw Evans British Wool, Andrew Hogley British Wool, Dylan Morgan NFU Cymru, John Davies British Wool and Rob Lewis NFU Cymru

Pictured are Dafydd Jarrett, NFU Cymru Policy Adviser, Huw Evans, British Wool, Andrew Hogley, British Wool, Dylan Morgan, NFU Cymru Deputy Director and Head of Policy, John Davies, British Wool and Rob Lewis, NFU Cymru Livestock Board Chairman

British Wool’s initiatives to add value to wool were praised this week during a visit from representatives of NFU Cymru.

The NFU Cymru delegation included Rob Lewis, Livestock Board Chair, Dylan Morgan, Deputy Director and Dafydd Jarrett, Policy Advisor.

Mr Lewis said: “We thank British Wool for hosting the visit which was a fascinating insight into what happens to our wool when it leaves the farm. Despite the difficulties of the past 12 months and disappointing wool returns in recent years it was encouraging to hear about initiatives to add value to our product such as the British Wool Traceable Scheme.”

Cost increase impacts

Andrew Hogley, CEO, British Wool said: “Like the wider farming community, we have also been affected by increased energy prices and economic uncertainty. British Wool’s input costs have risen as have the costs of processing wool. Commercial scouring tariffs for example have increased by around 30% over the past 12 months. 

“Cost increases further down the supply chain are even more dramatic. The spinners, dyers, weavers, and carpet manufacturers that our members rely on to transform their fleeces into high value products, all use energy intensive processes.

“Despite the challenges we are seeing growing demand for British Wool with more companies specifying that the wool they use is sourced through our collective marketing scheme. More than 100 brands now specify British wool in their products.”

Increase demand

Mr Lewis concluded: “We understand the difficulties and agree we need to see an improved return for our wool. However, we are aware of farmgate competition and the only way we will see improvement in wool prices is if we all get behind British Wool. It is a sheep farmers’ organisation, and its focus is always on improving wool prices in the long term. What we need to do is increase demand for this natural, sustainable product and sell its virtues to a domestic and World market. A strong British Wool company is key to achieving that goal.”

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