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NFU Cymru is encouraging dairy and crops members to have their say in the AHDB consultation.

From speaking to members, NFU Cymru is aware there are a range of views about the work of the AHDB and the value it delivers for levy payers. But one thing we all agree on is that it is absolutely right that levy payers have a regular say on how their money is spent, so this opportunity is very welcome.

Signing up necessary

AHDB are now starting the process of getting people signed up to have their say. 

Therefore, please take the time to register here: Shape the Future of farming - vote on the work AHDB delivers for you | AHDB.

Outlining priorities

We don’t yet know what the exact questions will be in the spring, but we are expecting that farmers will have to outline their priorities for AHDB’s work over the next five years.

In the meantime, we would urge you to make time to find out a little bit more about what the AHDB do across your sector. In order to prioritise work, we need to understand what is currently done, and therefore what needs to change.   

We are hopeful that the process in the spring will allow farmers to feel that they have shaped the AHDB’s future properly and the outcome is honoured and actioned. So whatever your views, make sure you have your say.

Register now

English registration: Shape the Future of farming - vote on the work AHDB delivers for you | AHDB

Welsh registration: Cofrestrwch i siapio dyfodol ffermio

Last edited: 11:58 on 29 December 2021

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