Pesticides in the UK: The 2018 report on the impacts and sustainable use of pesticides'

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HSE's Pesticides Forum annual report 2018 titled 'Pesticides in the UK: The 2018 report on the impacts and sustainable use of pesticides' is available to download here.

'Pesticides in the UK: The 2018 report on the impacts and sustainable use of pesticides' is available to download as an interactive PDF.

The Report: combines the Pesticides Forum’s annual and indicators reports; outlines progress made with activities promoting the sustainable use of pesticides, and identifies issues needing further monitoring or work; presents data and charts showing progress and trends in the indicators in an annex; gives an overview of the Forum’s work in 2018; and is published online only, however you can download and print a copy if you wish. 

The Indicators in this report suggest that pesticides are being used in a sustainable fashion as a result of government, industry and other bodies working together.

Our indicators data cover several areas including: user training and qualification in the safe use of these chemicals; user engagement with continuing professional development (CPD) schemes; support from professional and well-trained distribution and advisory industries; activities of organisations such as the Voluntary Initiative and Amenity Forum to encourage best practice in pesticides usage and disposal; frameworks provided by Farm Assurance Schemes and the Amenity Assured Standard within which the guidance can be applied, and standards monitored; pesticides application equipment testing requirements and impacts; information on the short and long-term effects of pesticides on human health; the impact of pesticides on water quality, its effect and implications; information on pesticide use in amenity situations; the extent to which integrated pest management (IPM) is employed by pesticide users and establishing whether use of integrated approaches is being optimised.

Interpreting trends in these indicators may not be straightforward but they can help to identify areas and subjects for further attention or action. You can find more details in the executive summary of this report.

This report is relevant to anyone with an interest in both the impacts and sustainable use of plant protection products.

It is published in electronic format only, though it is of sufficient quality for you to print out a copy if you wish.

You will need Adobe pdf reader to view this PDF report. Click here if you need to install Adobe Reader

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