'She Who Dares Farms' merchandise raises further funds for The DPJ Foundation

She Who Dares Farms_66853NFU Cymru is delighted to have raised a further £300 for The DPJ Foundation from sales of ‘She Who Dares Farms’ merchandise.

Following the success of last year’s ‘She Who Dares Farms’ conference, sales of merchandise have continued. The branded clothing has been extremely popular, with all profits donated to The DPJ Foundation.

At the 2019 Winter Fair a cheque for £2,700 was handed over to The DPJ Foundation and this further donation brings the total raised to £3,000.

Stella Owen, NFU Cymru County Adviser, who was part of the NFU Cymruteam behind the campaign, said: “The ‘She Who Dares Farms’ merchandise continues to be a huge hit amongst women and children in farming circles. It is wonderful to see women wanting to be part of this initiative. Merchandise has been purchased from all over the world and I am pleased we have been able to raise money for a great cause. The campaign has been popular on social media, and the coverage of women receiving their parcels has brought some light relief during this time of lockdown.” 

Emma Picton-Jones, Founder of The DPJ Foundation said: ‘We are so grateful to everyone who has purchased ‘She Who Dares Farms’ merchandise. Each piece of clothing has meant a donation for our charity and helps support the work we do with mental health in the sector. With Covid-19, and the impact it has had on the community, we have seen an increase in calls so these donations mean more now than ever. It is also great to be involved with such a fantastic movement encouraging strength and resilience in women and the sense of community. It is imperative no one feels alone and ‘She Who Dares Farms’ pulls women together and encourages them to support each other.’

‘She Who Dares Farms’ merchandise is still available to purchase. Branded polo shirts and gilets in both adult and children’s sizes can be ordered from NFU Cymru.

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