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The NFU’s renewable energy expert Dr Jonathan Scurlock has contributed to the updating of the well-known Open University/Oxford University Press textbook entitled ‘Renewable Energy: power for a sustainable future’. 

The all-new 4th edition of this comprehensive text, which strikes a balance between depth and breadth of knowledge, is aimed at Master's Degree student level, but it already has a broader reputation for professional training, continuing professional development, etc. 

With many of the chapters extensively re-written, the editor and contributing authors believe this will remain a useful reference book for facts, figures and an overall grasp of the various renewable energy technologies and their integration into a modern decarbonised energy system.

Jonathan Scurlock brought together a team of co-authors and reviewers to overhaul Chapter 5 on bioenergy, bringing the contents fully up-to-date.  He also contributed to the chapters on solar power and renewable energy integration.

This helpful introductory tome costs around £40 in paperback - get one for your farm office bookshelf!

Last edited: 16:03 on 06 February 2018

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