Controlling Diseases on Farm Questionnaire

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Cennydd Jones, PhD student at Aberystwyth University is currently researching the Environmental sources of Mycobacterium bovis. As the son of a farmer who has suffered directly from TB outbreaks, he’s keen to contribute to our understanding of this disease, in order to get rid of it from our cattle herds as soon as possible.

As part of his dissertation, he is doing research on farmers' attitudes to biosecurity and disease prevention and he’s looking for participants from different livestock sectors to complete a simple questionnaire. He will then look at how different sectors handle biosecurity and disease prevention, as well as different age groups, education and farm size. Completing this questionnaire will help enhance his results later when he goes on to investigate tuberculosis in the cow environment (water troughs, soil, feed & feed troughs etc.).

The questionnaire is available by clicking here 

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