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Next Generation Campaign

Moving the Industry Forward...

Welsh farming is entering an exciting time as we seek to meet the key challenges that society has set us of producing more food to feed a growing population, whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

Wales landscape_275_186To capitalise we need to create an environment that encourages innovation, investment and new blood joining our industry in order to secure the future of farming in Wales.

NFUCymru wants to help encourage the young entrepreneurs out there to consider a career in agriculture - whether from a farming background or not.

I feel reassured that with farming and food production being more valued by the general public than for many years, we can harness these innovative and business minded young people out there to lead the industry forward into the exciting times ahead.

Matthew Jackson_275_154WATCH: Matthew Jackson is a new entrant farmer, originally from Manchester. Find out how you could follow in his footsteps and have a profitable farming future.

Click on the video to the right.

TBright Crop logo_170_176hinking about a career in agriculture?

Bright Crop is a cross-industry initiative that inspires new young talent to consider a wide choice of careers in farming and food supply.

Take a look at the Bright Crop website here

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