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NFU Legal Assistance Scheme (LAS)

LAS provides financial support and professional guidance to its subscribers facing legal disputes relating to their farming and/or growing businesses.

The NFU LAS (Legal Assistance Scheme) is a discretionary benefits in-house scheme run by a team of solicitors. It provides NFU Farmer & Grower members with professional guidance and financial support towards legal and other professional costs, should you face a legal dispute relating to your farming or growing business.

The scheme is available as an optional extra to NFU Farmer & Grower members at just £38 + VAT a year.

This is not legal expenses insurance, but does offer its subscribers exclusive benefits.

Benefits of the NFU Legal Assistance Scheme include:

  • Contribution towards professional fees
  • Dedicated LAS Team offering professional guidance and support through the case
  • Contribution towards mediation costs in Inter-member disputes (IMDs)
  • £500 towards professional fees for BPS Independent Panel Reviews
  • Up to £600 towards the cost of budgetary advice for rent reviews under Tenants’ First Advice Service
  • Up to £300 towards the costs involved in putting up site notices in fly-grazing cases
  • Contribution towards the professional costs of NVZ appeals
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Up to £1,000 towards a maximum of four contracts checked by our Legal Panel Firms under the NFU Contract Checking Service
  • Up to £1,000 towards four sets of instructions generated by the NFU Legal Health Check Service
  • Up to £250 towards the costs incurred from seeking professional advice from our Legal Panel Firms with regards to new public rights of way and in making section 31(6) applications 

How can I access the service?

  1. Contact NFU CallFirst on 0370 845 8458 to speak to a specialist adviser for preliminary advice and to make an application for LAS funding (if required)
  2. If more in-depth advice is needed, your query will be referred to one of our local Legal Panel Firms for a free initial discussion about your case
  3. The firm will provide an initial report and further updates to the LAS team to consider funding towards your legal and other professional costs

*Financial support is at the discretion of the Legal Board and the LAS team. Each case is decided on its facts and legal merits. Costs incurred prior to NFU notification do not qualify.


To view our NFU Legal Services brochure, download our NFU Legal Services brochure

Download the full LAS terms and conditions (effective from 1 November 2014), including eligibility criteria, or contact NFU CallFirst on 0370 845 8458


“The NFU offers a fantastic legal service through our internal and external legal professionals working together for the benefit of our members. Our in-house legally qualified advisers are totally committed and dedicated to the work carried out on behalf of members, coupled with the specialist expertise of our carefully selected NFU Legal Panel Firms that have a good understanding of the issues facing the farming and growing community.

“I am proud to be the Chairman of the NFU Legal Board offering financial support to our Legal Assistance Scheme (LAS) subscribers when facing hardships, and in making important decisions affecting their businesses and livelihoods.”

NFU Legal Board chair Nick Hamer

“In addition to our unrivalled legal service offering, the NFU has an in-house team of lawyers who advise and support its policy teams lobbying on behalf of our members.

“The Legal Affairs Team provides legal advice to NFU officeholders, directors, staff and members covering a huge range of legal topics, encompassing all of the policy areas within the NFU, and across all sectors.

“The team fights NFU legal cases for the industry and produces information and guidance for members on legal issues relevant to their farming and growing businesses.

“I am very proud of the NFU legal offer – providing a comprehensive, professional, and united service to members when they most need our support.”

NFU Director of Policy Andrew Clark

Hear what our members have to say about using the scheme: 

“I am very grateful for the financial help from the NFU to enable me to get a reduction in rent”

“Very excellent service from the NFU CallFirst, the panel firm solicitor and the LAS. Thank you all very much”

“The Scheme has made it possible for us to pursue a very important issue which because of cost, may not have been taken. It is only hoped that there is a successful outcome after all the time, cost and effort”

“I would just like to say that even though I will not go for a rent reduction this time, I feel much more confident in approaching landlords. I have much more knowledge on my rights as a tenant and also in which direction I can take my business in the future. I think this is a good initiative that the NFU is running”

“The Legal Assistance Scheme gives you enough financial security and, therefore, the confidence to mount the necessary challenge when a spurious claim is made against you. Long may it continue”

“NFU and the Legal Assistance Scheme came through to even up the playing field at a time of great need”

“With the NFU behind our problems, we have more weight behind us and have better results”

“There are not many places to turn to for guidance, support and help for farmers. We found the LAS team have an understanding of a close family farm experiencing a legal crisis”

“I was very pleased to get support in this matter after being told that I did not stand a chance in getting the RPA to pay but, to get the merchant to go halfway was a success and the NFU Legal Assistance was to a degree the icing on the cake. Thank you all very much”

"Excellent service throughout this long and protracted case – We are most grateful for the help we have had – without NFU help we would not have been able to see it through 5½ years and in the end we won the case."

"At a very difficult time with a long standing debt, and getting no-where, without LAS we would still be chasing this debt. We had the whole debt repaid. At all times I was kept informed of any developments."

"I am very grateful for the assistance provided, it has been very helpful. When farmers and growers are faced with very heavy legal costs it is important that the NFU is able to help, and this grower gratefully recognises that."

Tenants' First Advice Service

Can I get financial support when facing a rent review?

NFU Legal Assistance Scheme (LAS) tenant Farmer and Grower subscribers can receive a contribution of up to £600 towards professional advice and any help required to prepare budgetary reports for assessing the rental value of a farm. The £600 is available in the following circumstances*:

  • You are served with a rent review notice by your landlord
  • You are considering, or have decided to serve a rent review notice on your landlord
  • You wish to tender for a renewal of an existing Farm Business Tenancy
  • Rent is reviewed by the landlord or tenant as part of a succession application of an Agricultural Holdings Act tenancy on retirement or death
  • Rent is reviewed due to land or buildings being taken out of or added to the existing tenancy
  • Rent is reviewed due to other changes to the terms of an existing tenancy.

*Each case is considered on its own facts and merits and all LAS awards are at the discretion of the LAS Team and/or the NFU Legal Board.

How do I access the service?

  1. Contact the NFU Tenants’ helpline on 0370 300 0288 and speak to one of our specialist advisers who will provide you with initial advice and explain the service after identifying your concerns.
  2. Our advisers will go through the LAS application process with you and refer you to an NFU Rural Surveyor Firm of your choice in your area to assist you further.
  3. The LAS team will contact you about liaising with your professional adviser and inform you of any potential contribution towards your costs up to £600, following your production of the relevant information.

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