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Next Gen Report Front Cover English
Framing the future for the next generation - June 2023

As custodians of the countryside, every generation of farmer wishes to leave their farm in a better position for the next generation. Wales is home to a rich and diverse farming sector and young people are its life blood. This report sets out our key asks for the next generation.

Commons Land Report English
Policy priorities for common land - Nov 2022

Almost 10% of agricultural land in Wales is registered common land, providing valuable grazing for right holders - farm businesses which are vital to the rural economy, particularly in Wales’ upland areas. Managed by farming families over centuries, common land is also important to wider society for the ecosystem services and well-being benefits it provides and is a key feature of our cultural heritage, language and traditions.

Shaping Welsh Farming's Fuutre Eng
Shaping Welsh Farming's Future - June 2022

NFU Cymru believes the introduction of the Agriculture (Wales) Bill presents us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to design, build and implement a comprehensive ‘farm to fork’ food and farming policy that is ‘made in Wales’.

Our Journey To Net Zero COP 21
Our journey to net zero: Farming's 2040 goal - Oct 2021

Ahead of COP26 in Glasgow the NFU gave an update on its 2040 net zero ambition, how British farmers are producing climate-friendly food and what is needed to make sure the industry remains a global leader.

Growing Together Pic
Growing Together - A strategy for sustainably increasing tree cover in Wales - Sept 2021

Against the background of ambitious targets to increase tree cover in Wales to help mitigate and adapt to the challenges presented by climate change, NFU Cymru’s new strategy paper identifies the barriers and opportunities that exist to deliver on these objectives.

Upland Report
A vision for Welsh upland farming - Nov 2020

The NFU Cymru Vision for Welsh Upland Farming report, which was underpinned by a survey of over 750 farmers, was launched at the Vision for Welsh Upland Farming virtual conference in 2020. The document reveals that 88% of survey repondents said it was very important that future Welsh agricultural policy should underpin food production and ensure consumers have a stable supply of affordable food.

Doing Our Bit For Net Zero Pic
Doing our bit for net zero - Aug 2020

Along with the NFU, NFU Cymru has published 26 examples of how farmers are working towards net zero on their farms, showing how other farmers can make changes to their businesses to help achieve the NFU's 2040 net zero ambition.

Achieveing Net Zero Pic
Achieving net zero: Farming's 2040 goal - July 2020

NFU Cymru and the NFU have set the ambitious goal of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) across the whole of agriculture in Wales and England by 2040. This is our contribution to Welsh Government’s ambition of net zero by 2050. This report sets out how the industry will achieve its goal.

The Water Standard (1)
The Water Standard - March 2020

Following the conclusion of the Voluntary Farmer Led Approach to Nutrient Management project funded by NFU Cymru and Natural Resources Wales, with support on the project Steering board from Dwr Cymru, Welsh Government and Farmers’ Union of Wales, the report outlines the drivers behind embracing water quantity and quality, the project deliverables and it’s achievements.

Sustainable Agriculture report Front Cover
Sustainable Agriculture: Food, Farming and the Environment - July 2019

Welsh farming occupies over 80% of the Welsh landmass; Welsh farmers, as a result, play an irreplaceable role in looking after our cherished natural environment. This report highlights the work taking place on farm.

Combatting Rural Crime
Combatting rural crime - July 2018

The NFU and NFU Cymru are committed to making sure that farmers are not seen as a 'soft target' for criminals. Peaceful rural places may seem to be the last place to find criminal activity, but farming communities are often subject to a range of serious crimes.

Farming Bringing Wales Together (1)
Farming - Bringing Wales Together - May 2017

This report highlighting the significant role agriculture plays for Wales’ economic, environmental, cultural and social well-being. It features farmer-led case study stories from around Wales which demonstrate that the agricultural industry meets each of the well-being goals in the Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations Act.

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