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Lantra training: Agriculture health and safety and legal responsibilities

NFU members can get an exclusive rate on Lantra's agricultural health and safety e-learning for just £20 + VAT. 

Lantra is one of the leading awarding bodies for land-based industries in the UK. It develops training courses in a wide range of areas including horticulture and agriculture. 

The way to improve farming’s safety record is for farm businesses the length and breadth of England and Wales to do more to identify and manage the safety risks encountered every day in the farm workplace.

The causes of injury on farm are known, with farm transport, working at height and contact with livestock all featuring as the main causes of death and injury each year.

New online course for members

To help members increase awareness and better identity and manage risk, the NFU is providing access to a new e-learning course on safety - Agriculture Health and Safety: How to Meet Your Legal Responsibilities. The course is provided by Lantra and has been developed with advice from the HSE.

The course has eight modules that cover the major causes of injury in the farm workplace, including machinery, falls from height, falling objects, livestock, electricity and vehicles.

The course will take approximately two hours to complete in one sitting, but can also be broken into sections and completed over a convenient period of time.

NFU Vice President David Exwood champions farm safety. He said:

“As an industry we are constantly learning, from each other and through innovation, and we need to ensure this mentality is applied to health and safety.

“Pledging to upskill ourselves, either through repeat or new training, is a simple and cost-effective way to increase awareness and better identify and manage risks on farm. By investing in ourselves and our learning, we are actually investing in our farm businesses as we are our most valuable asset, so safety has to be a top priority.”

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The course will help farmers understand their legal responsibilities for their own health and safety and that of their employees, contractors, visitors, and anyone affected by their work. On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate.

The NFU is providing the e-learning course for members at a discounted rate of £20 + VAT.

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