NFU Cymru has launched an exciting new campaign championing Welsh food and highlighting the high levels of public support for Welsh food production.

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The union’s Secure the Future of Welsh Food/Diogelu Dyfodol Bwyd Cymru campaign was launched during the third annual Welsh Farming Week on Monday 17 June.

The Secure the Future of Welsh Food/Diogelu Dyfodol Bwyd Cymru campaign is being promoted across Wales. The union has been enlisting the support of members throughout Wales to roll out branded gate banners on prominent A-roads across the country, while digital billboard adverts ran in urban areas including Wrexham, Newport and Swansea to ensure residents and visitors to urban areas were aware of the petition campaign, too.

What you can do to secure the future of Welsh food

Secure the Future of Food - sign the petition

Diogelu Dyfodol Bwyd Cymru - arwyddo'r ddeiseb

NFU Cymru members are being urged to drive the early momentum of the campaign by signing the petition as soon as possible and then promoting the petition page to the Welsh public to ensure the industry can accrue as many pledges of support as possible.

  1. Sign the petition TODAY and use the social media share buttons to encourage your friends on social media to do the same.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see which materials you can use to promote the campaign to the public.
  3. Download and print a campaign poster to put up somewhere prominent, express your interest in a roadside gate banner, trailer board or collect a car sticker from your local NFU Cymru/NFU Mutual office.
  4. Cut out one of the selfie posters in the July edition of Farming Wales (pages 11+12) and post a photo supporting the campaign on your social media. Don’t forget to use the #SecureWelshFood #DiogeluBwydCymru hashtags and a link to the NFU Cymru petition page.
  5. Do you own a tourism diversification on farm or a holiday cottage? Download one of our visitor-focussed pledge sheets encouraging your guests to enjoy Welsh food during their stay and sign the campaign petition, too.
  6. Visiting your local farm shop or butcher? Encourage them to get involved with the campaign if they haven’t done so already.


aled jones 07

NFU Cymru President Aled Jones said: “Whether it’s world-renowned PGI Welsh Lamb and Beef, versatile PGI Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes, poultry meat or eggs, delicious, healthy Welsh milk, our tasty Welsh cheeses, cereal crops or simply the humble leek – Wales is synonymous with high quality, locally produced food. It is something the whole country can be proud of.

“Over the last year the swell of public support for Welsh food and Welsh farmers has been astounding. Our consumer polling last winter highlighted that 82% of the Welsh public support government providing funding to farmers to produce food, while the backing of the people of Wales has been key in the industry protests we saw earlier this year. I also know that NFU Cymru members and staff were taken aback with the positive response to the union’s display of 5,500 wellies on the steps of the Senedd in March. All of this points to the fact that the people of Wales hold Welsh food in high regard and they want to see farmers supported to continue producing that food.

“Our Secure the Future of Welsh Food/Diogelu Dyfodol Bwyd Cymru campaign seeks to bring the industry together and show the high level of backing for the food produced in Wales by the nation’s farmers. The sense of unity amongst Welsh farmers has always been its biggest strength, it’s time to use that collective power to work together to make this campaign a success with the public. Please sign the petition today and then do everything you can to get others to do the same.”


nfu22 abi reader 04

NFU Cymru Deputy President Abi Reader said: “The future of farm policy in Wales has been the subject of much debate over many months. It is clearer than ever before that concerns over the impact of those policies on farmers’ ability to produce food is a view shared not just by the industry, but by the public, too. As farmers, it’s in our collective interests to make sure the voice of the public is heard when it comes to our efforts to Secure the Future of Welsh Food.

“At a time when food production around the world is under pressure due to the impacts of climate change and global conflict, we simply cannot afford to hinder the production of safe, high quality food made in a climate that is perfectly suited to producing milk, meat, potatoes, crops and vegetables. The natural asset base of high rainfall and plentiful grass growth we have here in Wales means our farmers can stake the claim that they’re producing some of the most climate-friendly food in the world. We are well placed to deliver on our ambitions but we need to ensure Welsh policy is aligned with that food-first vision.

“We need as many people as possible to sign the petition on the NFU Cymru website, in either Welsh or English, to mobilise this support for Welsh food and ensure it’s in the minds of policy makers when they’re finalising future schemes. We want to make it crystal clear that the Welsh public wants these schemes to deliver for the production of safe, sustainable, high quality food.”

Campaign video

Campaign materials to download or order

We have created a number of free campaign resources for members, restaurants and the general public. 

Stickers: If you have an event coming up and would like some children's stickers to help promote Welsh food, please send an email to [email protected] with your name, address, event details and quantity required.

Royal Welsh Show special: Trailer boards: We have a limited stock of trailer boards. If you'd like to reserve one to pick up at the Royal Welsh Show, please fill in the form below and a member of the team will be back in touch with you to confirm collection.

Tourism and farm shop posters: If you have a tourism venture, or a farm shop, please download our posters and stick them up.

Farmer posters: These posters are available in the latest edition of our Farming Wales magazine or you can download them below. Please take a photo of an area of the farm you're particularly proud of and post it with our poster using the hashtag #SecureWelshFood #DiogeluBwydCymru

Email form to request a trailer board to collect at the Royal Welsh Show

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