Welsh Government key reminders and dates for your diary May/June

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Welsh Government's farm Liaison Service highlights the key reminder and some important dates to look out for:

Key dates

30 April BPS Entitlements 2019: closing date for Transfer and Lease
1 May Sustainable Management Scheme (SMS): expression of interest window opens
Food Business Investment Scheme (FBIS): expression of interest window opens
10 MayGlastir Small Grants (Landscape & Pollinators): expression of interest window closes 
Glastir Woodland Creation: expression of interest window closes
Glastir Woodland Restoration: expression of interest window closes
15 MaySingle Application Form (SAF) closing date
16 MayRPW Online will be unavailable due to essential maintenance until 22 May 2019
10 JuneSingle Application Form (SAF): late application closing date (this closing
date will incur late claim penalties)
19 June

Final date to notify RPW of changes to your 2019 SAF reported to you by a
Preliminary Check letter

30 JuneGlastir Small Grants (Water) Window 5 – closing date for submitting claims
2 JulyFood Business Investment Scheme (FBIS): expression of interest window closes
8 August

Sustainable Management Scheme (SMS): expression of interest window closes

Single Application Form (SAF) 2019
The deadline for submitting your SAF, together with all the necessary supporting documents, is midnight, Wednesday 15 May 2019.

Please note that applications and supporting documents that are received from 16 May 2019 up to and including 10 June 2019 will receive late claim penalties.

Applications and supporting documents received after 10 June 2019 cannot be accepted.

Farm businesses are reminded that RPW will no longer issue paper preliminary check letters. Instead, these letters will be issued digitally through your RPW online account, and a paper letter will be sent to advise you to view these online.

If you require further assistance please contact the Customer Contact Centre
on 0300 062 5004.

Transfer of BPS Entitlements 2019
Farmers can transfer their BPS Entitlements by sale or lease with or without land or via inheritance. Transfer of Entitlements online forms are available for you to complete using your RPW Online account.

You must notify the Welsh Government before midnight on 30 April 2019 of any transfers in order for you to make a claim on entitlements you are receiving, in a particular scheme year (eg if submitted 1 May 2019 those entitlements could not be claimed on the SAF until 2020).  

Manage My CPH – Closure of SOAs/ILAMS
Customers with SOAs/ILAMs have been contacted by RPW and advised these will be closed by 30 April.

Manage My CPH was launched on RPW’s online platform in February 2018 and was introduced as part of the CPH project.   

The CPH project requires all customers in Wales to enter and maintain their land parcels used for livestock onto Manage My CPH and introduced new rules for livestock movement reporting.  This will ensure consistency across all species and improve the ability to respond quickly and effectively in a disease outbreak.  These rules are:

  • Removal of all Cattle Tracing System (CTS) links
  • Closure of SOAs/ILAMS (Sole Occupancy Authorities/Interim Land Association Management agreements)
  • A 10 mile distance rule for movement of all livestock species
  • Introduction of a new process for registering temporary land associations (TLAs) and temporary CPH’s (tCPH)
  • Customers with CTS links, SOAs and ILAMs have all now been contacted by RPW and have been advised that their link will be closed by 30 April and they are required to enter their land details on Manage My CPH.  

This means, unless all land used for Livestock movements has been registered on Mange My CPH, they will have to comply with six day standstill and TB  pre-movement testing on all individually registered holdings. All land parcels used for livestock production, within a 10mile radius, can be amalgamated with the main holding subject to certain conditions, which would mean that they could benefit from the new CPH rules.  Customers must receive confirmation of this from RPW before any movements take place.  Further information, including a detailed guidance booklet and Q&A document can be found on our website – www.gov.wales/cphproject.

If you have received a letter you now need to take action. Remember: you can make changes to your CPH, TLAs or tCPHs at any time via Manage My CPH on your RPW Online account
If you have any queries relating to this please contact the Customer Contact Centre using your RPW Online account or on 0300 062 5004. The Farm Liaison Service can also offer assistance, please email ZmFybWxpYWlzb25zZXJ2aWNlQGdvdi53YWxls

Agricultural Tenancy
A consultation on reforming agricultural tenancy laws has been launched. 
The consultation looks for ways to enable this key sector of the agricultural industry to modernise by considering elements of tenancy law which are perceived outdated or restrictive to modern farming practices.

The aim is to enable tenant farmers and agricultural landlords to thrive by ensuring agricultural tenancies are fit for the future as we move away from the Common Agricultural Policy and bring in a new agricultural policy. The consultation closes on 2 July 2019 and you can access it at www.gov.wales/consultations

Consultation on environmental principles and governance post-Brexit
A consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance post-Brexit aimed at maintaining effective, coherent environmental governance after the UK leaves the European Union has been launched. The Welsh Government is committed to maintaining, enhancing and improving environmental standards and to ensuring we have effective governance arrangements in place.

The consultation closes on 9 June 2019 and you can access it at:

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