Future Wales: The National Plan 2040

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The purpose of our briefing is to summarise the main provisions of Future Wales: The National Plan 2040, which is of interest to agriculture and our membership in Wales and to outline what we may seek to prioritise in the key areas outlined in the plan.  The plan can be found here: Future Wales: The National Plan 2040 | GOV.WALES


Published on the 24th Feb 2021, Future Wales is the Welsh Government’s highest tier of the development framework and is the first national spatial development plan to be published anywhere in the UK.  It sets out the desired direction of travel for development in Wales for the next 20 years and sets out a strategy for addressing some of the key national priorities through the planning system including: generating and sustaining economic development, achieving carbon neutrality and climate resilience, and developing strong ecosystems and green infrastructure.

The document is non-statutory, but all subsequent strategic and local plans are required to conform to its policies and must be regularly updated to ensure they continue to work effectively together with Future Wales.

Planning decisions at every level of the planning system in Wales must be taken with regard to the policy requirements of Future Wales and must be taken in accordance with the plan as a whole. 

Future Wales replaces the Wales Spatial Plan.

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