Asulam Emergency Authorisation Approved

Bracken_18463An approval to use Asulam, subject to the terms of an Emergency Authorisation, has been granted. 

The application window opens on 1st July and closes on 13th September.

The Asulam page of the Bracken Control website has a link to the authorisation document and provides details of the dates for the application season.

The manufacturer, UPL Europe Ltd, will be issuing supplies of Asulam to distributors with a view to these being available to purchase for the start of the application period.

The EA approval document contains data and information requirements that must be submitted to the regulator, the Chemical Regulations Division of the HSE. UPL will be distributing some forms with the product, which will be possible to complete by hand, typed on a computer or completed online. The support of everyone who applies Asulam to provide this information is essential; the provision of this information to CRD is a prerequisite to securing the future use of Asulam for bracken control.

Last edited: 16:07 on 15 June 2021

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