Position Statement: Possible reintroduction of the Golden Eagle

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Wilder Britain have been discussing the possible reintroduction of the Golden Eagle to parts of Wales. This species hasn't been found in Wales for around 200 years.

Here is NFU Cymru's position statement on the issue:

NFU Cymru Rural Affairs Board Chairman, Hedd Pugh said: “Wales has evolved greatly in 200 years, not least in population terms. There are no longer any truly wild areas in Wales; all of the land is a managed landscape - created, shaped and maintained by farmers over generations. We would therefore question the suitability of the country to the reintroduction of the Golden Eagle.

“There is a real concern that any reintroduction of this species would cause risk to animal health and welfare and have an impact on livestock production, with newborn lambs particularly at risk. There is also the unknown effect the Golden Eagle could have on other birds, wildlife and protected species.

“Many farmers are participants in agri-environment schemes which are specifically designed to enhance wildlife on their farms and having a top predator like a Golden Eagle could seriously compromise agri-environment and indeed SSSI objectives.

“On this basis NFU Cymru would not support the reintroduction of the Golden Eagle in Wales and we would look to Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales to undertake a comprehensive impact assessment to properly understand economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts and consequences should an application be ever submitted to them. Any proposals should be subject to full consultation and the voice and concerns of the farming communities most affected need to be fully heard and taken into account in this debate.”

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