Livestock Board Appointee Applications

UK beef and sheep producers continue to face an unprecedented period of uncertainty, from Brexit and trade policy to delivering a new agriculture support policy that genuinely works for livestock producers by rewarding and incentivising productivity improvements. We cannot ignore the challenge of climate change and in September the NFU launched its achieving Net Zero report which outlined our plans for how British farming can reach net zero by 2040, ten years ahead of the government’s target. It will not be easy and there are no easy solutions – but we firmly believe that sustainable livestock production in the UK can contribute to meeting this ambition. Consumers continue to demand high standards of traceability, food safety, and animal welfare alongside high levels of environmental delivery yet the value placed on food remains relatively low. We continue to call for clear and long term market signals to allow UK producers to respond and adapt. Maintaining and developing our world leading standards will be critical if we are to maintain our domestic market and differentiate British red meat from imported product. We want a supply chain that is fair and transparent that ensures all within that chain remain profitable.

Forward-thinking English and Welsh livestock producers are needed by the NFU to help champion the cause of the beef and sheep sectors. In order to complement and balance the existing range of skills and expertise on the Livestock board, the NFU is looking to appoint four farmer members as appointees and co-opt one organic beef or sheep producer to the national livestock board.

In particular, we're after candidates with cattle finishing experience, and those with a background in livestock processing, marketing and haulage. Additional skills or an interest in animal health, climate change mitigation, livestock productivity and data systems would be favourable.  Finally, we would like to consider individuals with an interest in farm assurance that would be willing to represent the NFU on advisory committees.

Board agendas are wide ranging and potential applicants must demonstrate a sound understanding of the policy and trade issues affecting the livestock industry, as well as a willingness to connect with the wider NFU membership.

Applicants should be active beef or sheep producers with a good understanding of the sectors, be forward thinking and have strong communication skills.


Interested members should contact John Royle, Chief Livestock Adviser, c/o Q2xhcmUuanVsYW5kQG5mdS5vcmcudWs=  or TmFuY3kuRnVsbGVyQG5mdS5vcmcudWs= with an up-to-date CV setting out your experience, skills, interests and personal statement on what you would bring to the board. You should clearly mark any correspondence, including your application with the word ‘Livestock’ in the subject line.

What you need to know

Successful candidates are appointed for two years and will be expected to attend six meetings a year, typically at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. Attendance at other supply chain, government or NFU meetings as a representative of the board will be required from time to time.

In return you will receive an honorarium, paid monthly, and reimbursement of reasonable expenses. The closing date for all applications is Thursday, 9 April 2020 and candidates may be invited to an interview with the selection panel. If successful, the first board meeting you would be required to attend is on Tuesday, 19 May 2020. Interviews will take place on Wednesday 22 April 2020 in Stoneleigh.

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