Changes to livestock identification, registration and movement

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*Update - This consultation has now closed. Read our response here.*

This consultation seeks your views on how Welsh Government plans to introduce amendments to the current registration and movement reporting processes for sheep, goats, cattle and pigs together with the proposed implementation of Bovine Electronic Identification (Bovine EID). These changes will work alongside the forthcoming extension of EIDCymru to allow the recording of all Welsh livestock movements and registrations.

Here are the seven main proposals:

  • Whole movement reporting - Mandatory recording of departure and destination County Parish Holdings (CPH) on all movements for all livestock.
  • Journey information - Mandatory recording of journey and transport information on all movement reporting for all species.
  • Mandatory same day movement reporting for Central Point Recording Centres (CPRCs).
  • Voluntary use of an online herd or flock register facility for all species.
  • Show and event movements - Development of a voluntary circular movement reporting process for all species moving to and from showgrounds.
  • Pre-movement reporting - Voluntary option for all movements to be reported before animals leave the departure holding. This can lead to the potential removal of paper during movements and registration.
  • Pig identification - Gathering views on the introduction of an annual registration of all pig keeping holdings along with an annual inventory of pigs and future identification options.

Other key announcements:

  • New cattle passports and cattle launch on EIDCymru in 2022
  • Official Bovine EID ear tag available from 2023
  • Manage My CPH to be a mandatory requirement from 2023

Closing date

More information on the consultation can be found here.

This consultation closed on 2 January 2022. 

NFU Cymru's consultation response

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