Prosiect slyri Project- Survey of potential users

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This is a short, 2-minute survey that seeks to understand Welsh farmers’ perspectives on the issues around slurry management and pollution, and the level of interest and awareness in a new system currently being developed to manage slurry (a Slurry De-watering and Nutrient Enhancing System). The survey has been developed by an independent research company called Wavehill on behalf of Coleg Sir Gar and a Swansea based company called Power & Water who are developing this new system.

Wavehill have been commissioned to undertake an evaluation of ‘Prosiect Slyri Project’, which is the name for the project delivered by Coleg Sir Gar and Power & Water to develop the Slurry De-watering and Nutrient Enhancing System. Data from this survey will be used to inform Wavehill’s evaluation report and will be used for the purposes of the evaluation only.

Complete the online survey here

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