COVID-19 update: Moisture meter guidance from Red Tractor

Grain storage barley harvest August 2018_62473Red Tractor has issued new guidance today (2nd June) around calibrating moisture meters, following the cancellation of clinics due to coronavirus.

As members will be aware, you are required to have proof of calibration to meet one of the standards at your next assessment. Outside of Red Tractor, it is important to know what moisture grain comes into store at, in order to tailor drying and storage requirements.

What do I need to do?

You are still required to calibrate your moisture meter. Red Tractor recommends:

  • Contacting the manufacturer of your moisture meter for specific advice as to how to calibrate at home.
  • Contacting your merchant – they may be offering calibration services, or may be able to provide you with tested samples to calibrate against.
  • Applying for a reference sample – some merchants are selling these. Are there any neighbours you can work with to buy a set of samples and use between you?
  • Sending your meter off to be professionally calibrated.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to record and retain who did the calibration, when, and how.

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