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The Welsh Government has launched the 'Brexit and our Land' consultation on their proposals to support farmers after Brexit. This Brexit hub has all the latest information on the consultation and NFU Cymru's work.  

Consultation overview

The Welsh Government states that there is an overwhelming case for supporting land managers and that this consultation puts forward their proposals for ambitious reform.

This Welsh Government consultation explains the basis on which the Welsh Government proposes to continue to support farmers after Brexit. It outlines proposals for a planned, multiyear transition, which includes phasing out current direct support payments, and seeks views and ideas on how the specific schemes that will deliver the support should be designed.

Within the consultation the term “land manager” and “land management” means farmers, foresters and any other activity drawing on non-urban land to produce goods and services. The Welsh Government acknowledges that the vast majority of Welsh land managers are – and will continue to be – farmers.

The consultation is built around nine key chapters.

READ our 9 page summary document here (members only, you will be asked to log in)

READ our initial reaction to the launch of the consultation

READ NFU Cymru Lobbying Briefing

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We only have until the 30th October 2018 to contribute to Welsh Government's consultation on the future of Welsh farming and whilst NFU Cymru will be submitting a response on behalf of our membership, it is really important you have your say NOW to add strength to our response.

NFU Cymru has created a facilitated online response form to help members formulate a response to Welsh Government's Brexit and Our Land consultation. This online form is quick and easy to complete and can be accessed on all devices. Each topic area has a list of suggested ways to respond and we would encourage all to make your own views known. 

Click here to respond to the Brexit and Our Land consultation 

Find a county meeting near you to learn more about the Welsh Government proposals

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NFU Cymru President challenges 'damaging' consultation claims from environmental groups

NFU Cymru President John Davies has spoken of his disappointment and dismay at the ‘damaging’ claims made by a number of environmental groups encouraging responses to Welsh Government’s ‘Brexit and Our Land’ consultation.

The NFU Cymru President criticised the WWF, the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts Wales for claims made on their websites and social media channels that infer that farming practices are harming the environment.

Mr Davies said a number of organisations are seemingly encouraging their supporters to respond to the ‘Brexit and Our Land’ consultation using negative statements that do not accurately reflect Welsh farming’s contribution to the Welsh environment.

NFU Cymru President, John Davies said: “I cannot stress enough the importance of Wales’ farmers responding to Welsh Government’s Brexit and Our Land consultation and ensuring that a true depiction of Welsh farming’s contribution to Wales’ environmental, economic, social and cultural well-being, as well as food production, is provided in this consultation, rather than the fake dystopia these environmental lobby groups would have you believe.”

Read our full statement here

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Our vision for the future of farming

NFU Cymru's four policy papers which set out our vision for the future of agricultural policy in Wales, a vision that will enables us to realise our ambition of a productive, profitable and progressive farming businesses developing jobs, growth and investment for Wales. These papers give us a foundation from which to respond to the Welsh Government consultation but we want to build on these by receiving your thoughts and feedback on the consultation in order to enhance the NFU Cymru response and ensure it represents the views of our members.

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NFU Cymru's vision for a future domestic agricultural policy consists of THREE pillars

READ NFU Cymru's powerpoint presentation that was delivered to members during the series of consultation roadshows. Within this presentation, NFU Cymru highlighted the importance of volatility/stability measures as a baseline support for farmers.

Read the powerpoint here 

Alternatively - watch the video below for further clarification on what the current proposals may mean for Welsh farmers.

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Dedicated tenant farmer event

NFU Cymru held a special event for tenant farmers to consider the potential implications of the Welsh Government ‘Brexit and Our Land’ consultation proposals on farmers who do not own the land that they farm.   

Learn more about the potential implications here

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NFU Cymru Boards have their say

A number of the NFU Cymru boards have met early into the consultation process to discuss the detail of the consultation and to provide their initial thoughts on this hugely important document.

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Brexit consultation Q&A and Seminar at the Royal Welsh Show

NFU Cymru held a Q&A with the Cabinet Secretary over the Show and the event drew in a huge crowd of Showgoers, all eager to learn more about the ongoing consultation and what the proposals could mean for farming. NFU Cymru also organised a dedicated Brexit seminar on Monday of the Show, with the First Minister. This was an opportunity for members to hear first-hand, what the Welsh Government wanted to see post-Brexit. Read more about the discussions here

If you want to see the full recording of the seminar, check out the NFU Cymru Facebook page.

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READ our latest Brexit update 

Our monthly Brexit Update newsletter covers the latest political developments, the implications for NFU Cymru members and the work the NFU is doing on members' behalf.  This is a members only document and you will be asked to log in.

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