SAF deadline looming

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NFU Cymru is urging its members to complete and submit their Single Application Form (SAF) ahead of the imminent May 17th deadline. 

Completion of the online form, available via Rural Payments Wales (RPW) Online, ensures access to farm support under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and land based rural development payments including Glastir Entry, Glastir Advanced, Glastir Organic and Glastir Woodland schemes.

NFU Cymru President John Davies said:

“With only a week before the deadline, I encourage all of our members to complete the form without delay. Those not completing the SAF form by the required deadline will not be able to access funding through the Basic Payment Scheme and a number of Rural Development schemes.”

Farmers are advised to ensure they thoroughly check the details before submission and are urged to contact Rural Payment Wales immediately if they realise they have made an error in order to avoid possible penalties.

To ensure that you do not incur a financial penalty the absolute deadline for Welsh Government to receive the SAF form and supporting documents is midnight on Monday 17th May. Applications received from 18 May 2021 up to and including 11 June 2021 will incur financial penalties. Applications and claims received after 11 June 2021 cannot be accepted.

If you have any questions about your Single Application Form, please contact the RPW Customer Contact Centre on 0300 062 5004.

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