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Our #BuyMyTurkey campaign is back again for 2021, taking place on Friday 3 December, and we want you to get involved. 

The campaign encourages shoppers to buy their Christmas turkey direct from the farm where it was produced. They can find their local turkey producer by putting their postcode into our Turkey Finder. Last year the Turkey Finder had a revamp, and it now includes an interactive map to make it even easier for shoppers to locate their nearest producers. 

The campaign also wants to remind people who cannot buy from their local farm to look for the Red Tractor logo on turkey packaging when shopping in the supermarket.

To help raise the profile of the campaign and encourage the public to use the Turkey Finder we are asking both NFU members and the wider public to post across social media using the hashtag #BuyMyTurkey on Friday 3 December. In previous years the campaign has been hugely successful in promoting buying local and British turkeys for Christmas.

NFU turkey group chair Michael Bailey said:

“The NFU Turkey Finder is a fantastic free promotional tool for any farm fresh turkey business selling direct to the consumer from the farm gate.

"The online postcode search tool is easy to use and directs new customers to your business, with options to display your website, phone number and email address.

"The latest update to the Turkey Finder has made the search tool even more user friendly, making it easier for customers to find your business details which is beneficial as the highest margins will always be from direct sales at the farm gate."

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#BuyMyTurkey tips and tricks

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What to include in your social media posts: 

  1. Don't forget to use our #BuyMyTurkey hashtag
  2. Share a link to the NFU Turkey Finder (
  3. Don't be afraid to use emojis relevant to #BuyMyTurkey. Some of the emojis you might want to use include the turkey, the British or Welsh flag, the Christmas tree emoji, or the dinner plate.
  4. Be interactive with your target audiences. Ask questions such as 'Where will you be buying your Christmas turkey?'. Or you could answer topical questions such as 'How do you keep your turkeys happy and healthy?' or 'What do you feed your turkeys?'
  5. Include eye-catching images or videos of your turkeys and farms.
  6. Remember, your social media content for #BuyMyTurkey Day will be public facing. This makes it extremely important to make sure your farms are looking smart and tidy, and your turkeys are looking their best.

Have a look at some of our examples for inspiration:

Last year, we made a stunt video to promote the hard work farmers put in to rearing their turkeys. The video was posted on our social media channels, and was seen by more than 98,000 people. Watch it below:

Our poultry team got involved by encouraging people to buy locally produced British turkeys at Christmas using the NFU Turkey Finder.

Here are some examples of how members got involved:

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Fosse Meadows Buy My Turkey Facebook post_81293

Newbold Turkeys Buy My Turkey Facebook post_81292

Here are some ideas for ways you could post about buying a local turkey:

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Sometimes it's not always possible to buy locally. Here are some ways you can talk about looking for the Red Tractor logo: 

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