Anglesey NFU Cymru County Meeting - June 2018

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At the most recent meeting of the Anglesey County Branch of NFU Cymru, members learnt more about the Isle of Anglesey County Council’s plans in relation to planning and highways, along with a whistle stop tour of Livestock Policy matters led by Dafydd Jarrett, NFU Cymru Livesock Policy Adviser.

Members learned that plans outlined for the introduction of weight restrictions on rural roads had been reversed following discussions between key stakeholders and NFU Cymru. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances a representative of the Council was unable to attend the meeting as planned, but a written statement was read out during the meeting on his behalf. 

During recent months there had been proposals to impose weight restrictions on some of the unclassified roads in the county. These were likely to have an effect on the ability of members to carry out their existing day-to-day operations. It seems that these proposals have now been overturned.

Elwyn Evans, NFU Cymru Anglesey County Chair, said: “We were aware that the council had instigated a temporary traffic order, putting in place a weight restriction on two unclassified roads in the county that had a direct effect on members’ businesses.

“Through close co-operation with the local representatives on both the council and Welsh Assembly, along with input from residents along the affected road, we were able to challenge the decision and outline the importance of a successful and viable farming industry for the prosperity of the economy on Anglesey.”

The statement read out at the meeting on behalf of the council noted that ‘We do not intend to impose weight restrictions on roads, unless a problem arises with a weak bridge or retaining wall’ which provides a welcome respite from the original stance taken on the matter.

The council however did note that members ‘can’t work on a public road without receiving a licence from highways to do this’ and that ‘they should contact the Highways Department before commencing any work’.

Elwyn Evans concluded: “We appreciate that being faced with a limiting weight restriction on an approach to a working farm without warning is severely distressing for those concerned and it’s good to see NFU Cymru’s network coming together to provide the required support at such a crucial time.”

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