NFU Cymru responds to Brexit developments

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Commenting on last night’s developments at the European Council meeting, NFU Cymru President John Davies said: “First of all, I must say I am very relieved that the UK will not be crashing out of the EU this Friday. Leaving the EU without a deal would be disastrous for the Welsh food and farming industry with tariff and non-tariff barriers applied immediately to our exports to the EU27.

“The European Council has granted the UK an Article 50 extension to 31st October 2019.  There is no time to waste and I urge the UK Government and all politicians to make the best use of this additional flexibility by using this time wisely and constructively. If we are to leave the European Union, then this must be done in an orderly fashion, and we must now see real progress towards a solution which commands majority support in Parliament. What we cannot have is another few months of going around in circles, otherwise we will simply end up facing another ‘No deal’ Brexit cliff edge this autumn.”

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