NFU Cymru in Westminster

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The proximity of the new NFU office, close to Parliament, has helped to foster closer links between the NFU and politicians of all parties, and their staff. 

There really is no substitute for face-to-face contact, and the frequent meetings, both formal and informal, that take place between NFU members and staff with politicians is an invaluable strength of the organisation.  

We continue with our role of monitoring political developments and daily events which affect the industry as well as seeking to create strong relationships with our political clients, ensuring that the NFU retains its well deserved reputation as one of the foremost lobbying organisations in Westminster.  
This hard work is rewarded by excellent access to ministers, opposition parties’ spokesmen, backbench MPs and peers when domestic legislation is being developed or new regulations from the European Union are being enacted into UK law. We facilitate the NFU’s response to consultations on forthcoming legislation, and sponsor amendments to the draft laws when they are before Parliament. 
The NFU also provides evidence to a wide range of Select Committee inquiries and is frequently invited to take part in oral evidence sessions.  In addition, in association with our policy colleagues, we supply briefings on subjects of interest to politicians, regular updates on specific policy areas and give MPs suggestions for questions for Ministers

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