Water Quality is hot topic at NFU Cymru Anglesey county meeting


NFU Cymru members on Anglesey heard from NFU Cymru Water Quality/Nutrient Management Project Manager, Lorna Davies at a recent county meeting.

At the meeting, held at Cartio Môn, Bodedern, Lorna outlined the scope of her project explaining that it was a partnership approach between NRW, Welsh Government, FUW and NFU Cymru. The project is funded by NFU Cymru and NRW.

Lorna commented on the classifications of water bodies locally, the NVZ in and around Llyn Coron, and nutrient management plans. She also highlighted the need for the industry to evidence the work that it does to allow farmers to provide a clear and measurable list of achievements that deliver on water quality, which in turn provides a public good that can rewarded.

Finally, Lorna referred to the work that NRW had been undertaking in the Wygyr catchment area to improve bathing water quality at Cemaes Bay, following its deterioration in 2016. She told members how work had been undertaken to identify the likely source of the underlying issues and these ranged from human, canine, avian and bovine sources. Lorna told members that many of these issues have been addressed with local landowners being supported to fence off watercourses and provide watering areas for livestock. Early indications are that the work has borne fruit and that water quality has already improved.

Brian Bown, NFU Cymru Anglesey County Chairman, said: “I’d like to thank Lorna for coming up to speak with us about such an important issue. Water quality and nutrient management is something we all need to be aware of, and I think there has been plenty of food for thought for us all following the meeting.”

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