NFU Cymru launches legal challenge over 'damaging' NVZ regulations

 NFU Cymru President John Davies_77500

NFU Cymru has issued proceedings in the High Court for permission to challenge Welsh Government’s decision to introduce new water quality regulations across the whole of Wales which threaten the viability of Welsh farming businesses.

The new water quality regulations, which came into force across Wales on 1st April, pose a significant threat to the economic viability of Welsh farming, the overall impact of which cannot be underestimated. These regulations effectively make the whole of Wales an environmental ‘at risk’ zone, attracting heavy and disproportionate regulations which will punish the whole farming sector.

NFU Cymru President John Davies said: “In light of our on-going concerns in relation to the new regulations, we have set out our position that Welsh Government has acted unlawfully in failing to take into account all relevant information when undertaking its Regulatory Impact Assessment prior to the introduction of the regulations. We have also challenged Welsh Government’s failure to include in the regulations a derogation from the applicable nitrogen limit for farmers with 80% or more grassland – something which was available under the previous regulations for those in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones. We are now waiting to hear whether the court will give us permission to proceed with this case, and therefore we are not able to comment further at this time.”

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