Water Pollution Prevention - Oil Storage Standards

NFU Cymru welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Welsh Government Consultation on Water Pollution Prevention – Oil Storage Standards.

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NFU Cymru champions Welsh farming and represents farmers throughout Wales and across all sectors. Our aim is to establish the background conditions in which farm businesses can be profitable and develop.

The importance of the farming industry as the backbone of rural Wales cannot be over-stated. The Welsh Government identifies that the vitality and potential of rural areas is closely linked to the presence of a competitive and dynamic farming sector which also plays an important role in generating additional economic activities. The range of goods and services delivered by agriculture in Wales is unparalleled by any other industry. First and foremost we provide safe, high quality food forming the cornerstone of the £6bn Welsh food and drink sector; alongside this, as farmers, we have created, care for and manage our treasured Welsh landscape which not only supports a diverse range of species, habitats and ecosystems but also provides a significant backdrop for our tourism and recreation sector worth an estimated £1.6bn annually.

Please see the full consultation response here

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