NFU Cymru survey on Oil Storage

The Welsh Government is currently consulting on proposals for new controls which will set minimum standards on the storage of oil - including agricultural fuels.

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Proposals will see the Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil (SSAFO) Regulations amended to remove the agricultural fuel oil provisions, bringing to an end the current exemption that exists on oil/diesel storage tanks pre-dating the 1991 regulations.

In the proposals, Welsh Government assumes that oil storage tanks have a lifespan of 25 years and as almost 25 years have now elapsed since 1991, there is an assumption that there is no additional burden on the agricultural sector as a result of the new Regulation.

NFU Cymru is, therefore, gathering information to present to Welsh Government in relation to proposals and we would appreciate if you could take two minutes to complete the survey here.

Summary of the key proposals in the draft regulations

  • A requirement for secondary containment for all new, above ground oil storage facilities

  • Construction standards for oil storage facilities including mobile bowsers

  • Phased implementation of secondary containment for existing commercial, institutional and industrial oil storage facilities. (2 years for non-domestic storage facilities, which are located within 10m of a watercourse or 50m of a well, spring or borehole, 4 years for all other non-domestic storage). Existing domestic installations will remain exempt until they are replaced.

  • Offence, civil sanctions and enforcement provisions

  • Amendment of the Water Resources (Control of Pollution) (Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil) (Wales) SSAFO Regulations 2010 to remove the agricultural fuel oil provisions, including the exemption for facilities predating the 1991 Regulations.

Further information is available in the NFU Cymru briefing here.

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