Farm Business Grant Update

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In recent days Welsh Government has distributed notification letters to applicants of window 1 of the new Farm Business Grant.  We understand the notification letter does not include information on the list of items applied for and applicants are advised to contact the Scheme Management Unit for this information.  The contact details can be found in the notification letter.  To be eligible for grant, items must meet the minimum specification.  Items approved in the application cannot be amended and all the items selected must be purchased.

The window 2 of the Farm Business Grant opened on 2 August 2017 and will close on 29 September 2017.  Further information can be accessed here.  To be eligible for the Farm Business Grant Scheme farmers must have attended a Farming Connect Farming for the Future Event.  A further series of meetings has been arranged for farmers who have not attended previously and information on events can be accessed here.

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