Farmers are 'Proud to Produce'

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Farmers’ role as providers of Wales’ food, environment and landscapes has been highlighted in NFU Cymru’s new bale sticker and gate banner campaign ahead of the Royal Welsh Show.

The major routes to the Royal Welsh Showground in Llanelwedd will once again be lined with NFU Cymru’s campaign message thanks to eye-catching gate banners and colourful bale stickers highlighting the important contributions that Welsh farmers make to producing our nation’s food, caring for and enhancing the environment and providing the backdrop for scenery that attracts millions of tourists every year.

NFU Cymru’s new bale stickers feature a colour image of a hamper filled with delicious Welsh produce set against agricultural fields in Carmarthenshire – this year’s Royal Welsh Show feature county. The new gate banners, meanwhile, feature NFU Cymru Carmarthenshire County Chairman Garry Williams holding the Welsh hamper and showing that he is ‘Proud to Produce’ for  the people of Wales. Both resources are available in English and Welsh.

Garry Williams, the featured farmer on NFU Cymru’s new gate banners, said: “As Welsh farmers we produce the nation’s food, we care for and enhance our local environment and we shape our famous landscape - I think that’s something to be extremely proud of! This is a vital time for our industry and we need farmers to be loud and proud about the work they do – these new bale stickers and gate banners are the perfect way for Welsh farmers to advertise the important role they play for Wales.”

NFU Cymru Deputy President John Davies added: “Our bale stickers were the star of last year’s Royal Welsh Show and this year we wanted to take things up a notch to push out our messages to the public. The new bale stickers and gate banners are vibrant and really stand out along Wales’ roadsides and hedge lines. These resources have only just been rolled out and the demand from members is already exceptionally high – it’s great that so many people in Welsh agriculture want to share that they are ‘Proud to Produce’ for the people of Wales.”

NFU Cymru is asking social media users to help spread the ‘Proud to Produce’ message by sharing pictures of branded bale stickers and gate banners that they see out on the roads leading to the Royal Welsh Showground and across Wales – tag your pictures with #ProudToProduce or the #BackWelshFarming hashtags to show your support for Wales’ farmers.

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