Social media and video tips for farmers


The wealth of social media platforms out there now offer some great opportunities for you to tell your farming story to the world.

Tag us in to your posts and we'll retweet and promote what you do!

Key NFU Cymru social accounts:

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5 ways for Welsh farmers to use social media:

1. The Welsh countryside is a beautiful canvas - use it to post images

2. Your experiences are stories that need to be told - take videos and share

3. Let you voices echo through corridors of power - tag key political figures

4. If you're proud of our industry, then show it - post top facts and stats

5. Don't be afraid! Venture into the social media world


(open and print off a handy cribsheet here)

•Get someone else to hold the phone
•1m rule - do not stand too close to the camera
•Fill the screen
•Don't move the camera too fast
•Beware of background noise being too loud
•Avoid wind
•Try and stand still
•Let there be light

Why not try a 360 degree video?

If you want to take these to the next level then the website will let you add audio to a scene to create a fully interactive experience.

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